Dr. Eunice Wong
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My Vision
It doesn’t matter if you’re turtle or Hare…

We are all born with our strengths and weaknesses. And we are happy with who we are.

No brain on earth is perfect. Therefore we cannot make any comment on anyone’s brain has any deficits. We all have flaws. But we all have blessings. Sometimes flaws are blessings in disguise.

Parents who have children with atypical physical or mental developments often feel miserable that
they do not have children with typical development. More parents feel desperate that their children
are not smart enough to get all ‘A’s’.

You see, everything is a matter of degree. If you let your brain and your heart go wild, you can imprison yourself in agony for a long long time.

We optimize our strengths. We give way to others to optimize their strengths in areas of our weaknesses. We appreciate each others’ fruit of efforts. We love each other. We have faith in each other.
That is how we make our lives more beautiful.